Anchor Workwear BV Performance Check 2018

Anchor Workwear has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. Anchor Workwear has monitored 98% of its purchasing volume, and meets the threshold for third-year members. Therefore Anchor Workwear is awarded the ‘Good’ category.

Anchor Workwear invested in a Workplace Education Programme training session at one of its factories to raise knowledge and skills among workers and management on best practices related to labour standards. They also worked towards reducing their smaller suppliers in order to further consolidate their supply chain. Whilst Anchor Workwear regularly visits its production locations and is in constant communication with factory management, FWF recommends integrated follow-up systems, such as including worker representatives in the CAP follow up.

FWF encourages Anchor Workwear to develop an evaluation/grading system for suppliers where compliance with labour standards is a criterion. This evaluation should influence the decision on whether to place orders, how to prevent and mitigate risks, and what remediation steps may be necessary.
In the next financial year, FWF recommends Anchor Workwear to analyse the wage levels in its factories and discussing the possibilities of starting a living wage pilot project with their main suppliers in Bulgaria and Vietnam.

Anchor Workwear should schedule re-audits at its main suppliers and study and remediate the remaining issues.

Benchmarking score: 73, % under monitoring 98, Category: Good


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