Anna van Toor Performance Check 2015

Anna van toor performance check 2015

Anna van Toor is in process of implementing FWF’s management system requirements. 2014 was the second year of membership for Anna van Toor during which the company focused on setting up systems to inform and monitor suppliers. 44% of Anna van Toor’s purchasing volume comes from suppliers located in low risk countries.

With two FWF audits in China and followup of a corrective action plan (undertaken with another FWF member), Anna van Toor has monitored 78% of their supply chain. This exceeds the 60% monitoring threshold for a brand in the second year of membership. Anna van Toor can take steps towards investigating labour costs and how this relates to its own pricing models.

Anna van Toor has started working on a system to identify possible labour violations, which is still in progress and should be further integrated it into its sourcing and monitoring decisions. In 2014 year Anna van Toor has focused on gaining better insight into all the production locations, but because of the structure working with agents, assessing factory level situations remains challenging.

In addition, the company can help to ensure workers and managers at their suppliers are aware of their rights by taking part in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme.

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