Anna van Toor Performance Check 2016

Anna van Toor Performance Check 2016

Anna van Toor meets most of FWFs management system requirements, resulting in a benchmark score of 64. This is an improvement compared to last year’s brand performance check. In 2015, Anna van Toor improved their follow-up on CAPs. Also, a lot of time was invested in the involvement and knowledge of the production department and of agents. Specifically in Turkey Anna van Toor has cooperated closely with their agents to address issues related to the Syrian refugee crisis. In addition, they shifted production to low-risk countries and continue to work with long-term partners.

In 2015, the monitoring percentage of Anna van Toor was 71 %, which is below the 90 % required for third year members. This means that Anna van Toor is placed in the Needs Improvement category. This drop in monitoring is partly due to a shift in sales resulting in less production with their suppliers under monitoring than they expected. Also, part of the production shifted from audited locations to non-audited locations.

In addition, Anna van Toor did not meet all monitoring requirements for low-risk countries, specifically production of ready-made shoes in Italy.

For 2016, Anna van Toor needs to keep a close eye on their monitoring and especially ensure that all monitoring requirements for low-risk countries are fulfilled.

Read more about Anna van Toor’s efforts on its company page.

About the Brand Performance Check

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