Anna van Toor Performance Check 2019

Anna van Toor has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. The brand monitored almost 93% of its total purchasing volume, which is well above the 80% required by members after three years of membership. The benchmarking score of 55 places Anna van Toor in the ‘Good’ category.

In 2018, Anna van Toor placed more orders at suppliers with which it has a long term business relationship. This stimulated good communication and therefore helped work towards implementing the FWF Code of Labour Practices. Anna van Toor places a constant flow of orders year-round, and production capacity and possible delays are discussed openly.

In order to start working towards living wages at its supplier locations, Anna van Toor gained more insight into the living costs of some workers at its Serbian supplier via interviews in 2018. Although this is a good first step, Anna van Toor needs to discuss living wages with supplier management and investigate wage levels for all workers at this supplier. Furthermore, for the brand’s other suppliers, more insight between the buying prices and wage levels is needed.

In 2018, Anna van Toor’s main suppliers in Turkey and China were audited. In order to comply with FWF’s risk policies for Turkey and other countries, more active risk mitigation measures should be taken. Furthermore, a systematic approach for evaluating Code of Labour Practices compliance of Anna van Toor’s entire supplier base should be implemented. Moreover, Anna van Toor is required to actively raise awareness about the FWF Code of Labour Practices and FWF complaints hotline among its suppliers. For the next Brand Performance Check, Anna van Toor needs to make sure it meets the monitoring requirements for its tail-end production locations. Anna van Toor could take additional advantage of FWF resources and participate more in events like stakeholder meetings and supplier seminars.


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