ARMEDANGELS Performance Check 2016

ARMEDANGELS Performance Check 2016

Social Fashion Company GmbH (ARMEDANGELS) meets most of FWFs management system requirements. Its monitoring threshold of 73% exceeds FWF’s requirements for members in first year of membership. This, combined with a benchmarking score of 70, FWF has awarded a “Good” rating.

ARMEDANGELS became a member in June 2015 and has spent the first six months aligning its internal systems with the FWF requirements. In August 2015 a full-time sustainability manager was hired to manage all activities related to FWF membership.

Sustainability is at the heart of the ARMEDANGELS philosophy and the way the company works is in line with FWF requirements regarding long-term relationships with suppliers, continuous monitoring and proactive remediation. This is reflected in the monitoring percentage and the benchmark score in this first brand performance check.

FWF encourages ARMEDANGELS to continue the systematic approach to monitoring and remediation, use their open book costing to address living wages at their suppliers and create clear guidelines for third party resellers related to FWF membership communication.

Visit ARMEDANGELS’ company page.


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