ARMEDANGELS Performance Check 2018

Social Fashion Company GmbH (ARMEDANGELS) has shown advanced results on performance indicators. In 2017 ARMEDANGELS was able to maintain its monitoring percentage at 99% of its production volume, by using FWF audits for its production locations in Turkey and China and additional monitoring activities in Portugal. This monitoring percentage, combined with a benchmark score of 87, means that FWF has awarded ARMEDANGELS the ‘Leader’ status.

In 2017 ARMEDANGELS continued its efforts related to open costing. It has now received information on costing from all production locations. The level of information still differs in quality, so this remains a topic to be discussed with suppliers. The company includes open costing on its own operations as part of these discussions. FWF audits conducted in 2017 also included comments from factory management on the level of transparency required by ARMEDANGELS. The company aims to start increasing wages at specific production locations in 2018, based on the information collected so far.

ARMEDANGELS is experiencing continuous growth, which creates necessity to be flexible in terms of production locations. In 2017, this meant that there were some discrepancies between the supplier policy and practice. FWF recommends ARMEDANGELS to adjust its policies to accommodate the reality of the company, while at the same time creating a clear framework all staff need to adhere to.


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