Bangladesh Complaint Takko September 2017

final report of complaint in Bangladesh at a factory that supplies Takko – September 2017

On 19 September, a worker called FWF’s complaints helpline to report that after some pieces were missing from the target quantity, workers at several departments had been fined. There would be monthly deductions from the workers’ paychecks until the entire sum was paid. This coincided with the Eid holiday and workers were taken aback and questioned whether management should have told them about the deduction before this time, and of course investigated the matter further to establish responsibility before taking such action.

In the immediate aftermath, Takko addressed the issue with the factory. By 25 September, the factory confirmed that it had refunded the workers the amounts that had been deducted from their paychecks. More importantly for the workers, they got a statement from the manager to the effect that they had not been responsible for the missing pieces.

The complainants were satisfied as they got back the taken amount from their salary. Besides having a statement from management as clearance of their blame is also a relief for their future work in the factory


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