Bangladesh Country Study 2016

Bangladesh Country Study 2016

Read more about the current situation in the garment industry in Bangladesh in the latest FWF Country Study.

In terms of Free-on-Board (FOB) value produced for FWF members, Bangladesh ranks second, only after China. At the end of 2014, 16 FWF members sourced from Bangladesh, two more than at the end of 2013.

FWF audits in 2014 show that unauthorised subcontracting remains a common issue in Bangladesh. FWF will continue to emphasise the importance of a brand’s sourcing practices to address the matter.

Most relevant issues in Bangladesh

Building and fire safety, and the prevention of violence against women are two high-risk topics that are being addressed by FWF. Based on information gathered from stakeholders, and by reviewing literature and audits, FWF has developed a remediation programme called the ‘Enhanced Programme for Monitoring and Remediation in Bangladesh’. This programme calls for extra efforts from FWF members around the following issues: Protecting women workers’ safety and preventing harassment at work Ensuring the building and fire safety of factories The Enhanced Programme was created to strengthen, rather than substitute, existing programmes. It aims to support pre-existing initiatives and efforts, while optimising the impact of the monitoring activities of FWF member companies. FWF requires action from its members in all production countries, to complement FWF’s own activities in Bangladesh. The programme addresses issues around sourcing policy, seeks to improve the monitoring and remediation of those issues.

In Bangladesh, FWF implements the FWF Helpline, a phone number workers and stakeholders can call with complaints regarding factory compliance with the FWF Code of Labour Practices (FWF CoLP). FWF also established the Workplace Education Programme (WEP). The WEP focuses on the setting up of Anti-harassment Committees, and builds awareness and knowledge of functional grievance mechanisms for workers and factory managers. The WEP training serves to raise awareness of labour rights and mechanisms that offer access to remedy. It is carried out in factories that are a part of FWF members’ supply chains. In addition, FWF has organised trainings on fire and building safety for factory managers and trade unions since 2014.


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