Bangladesh Enhanced Monitoring Programme 2014

Bangladesh Enhanced Monitoring Programme 2014

Read more about the Bangladesh Enhanced Monitoring Programme, which seeks to support existing initiatives and efforts, while optimising the impact of FWF member companies’ monitoring activities.

In Bangladesh, the garment sector is the main contributor to economic development, as it is responsible for 80% of the country’s export. Its competitive advantage depends heavily on low production costs. The garment industry offers many possibilities for local entrepreneurs, yet its volatility and downward pressure on prices put them in a vulnerable position.

All eight standards of the FWF Code of Labour practices are applicable to and relevant for Bangladesh. As instances of non-compliance with each of these standards are common, all eight of them need the attention of companies buying goods there. Child labour is a risk, Bangladesh is known for its low wages and also for the lack of a healthy social dialogue among employers and unions.

It is clear that additional action is needed, above and beyond what FWF requires of its member companies in most other production countries. For both building and fire safety and the prevention of violence against women there is an obvious need and there are possibilities to enhance activities.


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