B&C Performance Check 2019

B&C Cotton group (hereafter B&C) has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With a score of 47 and a monitoring threshold of 95%, the member is placed in the ‘Good’ category.

B&C has a limited list of suppliers with which it has long-standing and direct relationships. The member mainly produces in Bangladesh, where its Dhaka Liaison Office (DLO) follows up on production planning, quality, and social compliance. The due diligence and monitoring process of B&C follows Fristads Group’s policy and requirements. The compliance office of the group, based in Hong Kong, supports and coordinates factories’ compliance with the group’s Code of Conduct.

B&C is required to collect the signed Code of Labour Practices and questionnaires as well as making sure the FWF CoLP is posted on factory floors. B&C has very high leverage at some key suppliers so it is expected that progress will be made regarding remediation of overtime, fire safety compliance, and further CAP remediation. On top of that, the member is expected to look further into wage increases and exit a supplier which was terminated by the Accord in Bangladesh.


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