Bangladesh Complaint Continental January 2015

Intermediate report of a complaint at a factory supplying Continental Clothing in Bangladesh – January 2015

During a documentary programme in The Netherlands, the ‘Slag om de Klerewereld’, an apparently underage boy was shown in a label workshop. One of the labels showed the Fair Wear Foundation logo and could be identified as a Continental Clothing label. FWF decided to treat the media report as a formal complaint.

Upon investigation – and owing to the cooperation of Continental Clothing and its Bangladesh supplier – the workshop was found. In the same label workshop, labels of one of Kwintet’s brands was also found. Continental’s Bangladesh supplier had not commissioned the labels directly from this workshop, nor had Kwintet’s supplier – but as illegal subcontracting is common in Bangladesh, a  link between the brands and this workshop cannot be ruled out.

Though no longer working at the label workshop shown in the documentary, the boy, aged 13, was identified. Local staff engaged with him and his family to ensure that the boy would no longer work until he was of legal working age. Instead, he is receiving training while still being paid the equivalent of his salary. FWF’s local team is closely monitoring the implementation of the remediation, which is in accordance with FWF’s Child Labour Policy.


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