Bangladesh Complaint Fristad Kansas Sols January 2016

Final report of complaint in Bangladesh at factory that supplies Fristad Kansas & Sols – January 2016

On 13 January 2016 FWF’s local complaints handler received a complaint from 29 employees recently under suspension of the factory since 6 December 2015.

According to the complainant, factory management had allegedly misbehaved by, for example, denying access to drinking water during working hours, severe verbal abuse, unpaid overtime and unfair dismissal of a floor level management staff. No improvements were made after addressing the issues to the management. The workers decided to protest against the management in November 2015.

This case is related to the labour standards of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices ‘Payment of a living wage’, ‘Reasonable working hours’, ‘Occupational health and Safety’ and  ‘Legally binding employment relationship’.

FWF informed Fristads Kansas Group and Solo Invest S.A.S about the complaint. Fristads Kansas Group discussed this case with the management of the factory during a visit in February 2016.

The factory conducted an investigation. The internal investigation showed that the complainants had stirred up unrest among the workers and damaged factory properties during a protest. The factory concluded that it was justified that the workers were fired and decided not to drop the case against the complainants. The factory was open for further investigation by FWF.

The complainants disagree with the findings of the factory management and have decided to seek justice through the local authority, labour bureau of the district government.  FWF and the complainants agreed to wait for the investigation and conclusion of the local authority. At the moment no investigation is set up by FWF.


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