Bangladesh Complaint Stanley and Stella February 2015

Intermediate report of complaint in Bangladesh at a factory supplying Stanley & Stella – February 2015

On 1 February FWF’s received a complaint from an individual claiming to be a worker at a factory supplying Stanley and Stella. The complaint related to ‘Safe and healthy working conditions’, which is part of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices.

The complainant claimed that two workers reported chest pain to the factory infirmary during working hours on 25 and 28 January 2015. Both of them died shortly after.Since 31 January 2015, more workers reported symptoms including headache, chest pain, vomiting and abdominal pain. Several hundreds of workers demonstrated in front of the factory on 2 February after knowing the incidents.

FWF has informed Stanley & Stella about the complaint. Although Stanley & Stella is in the process of phasing out the supplier, production was recent enough that agreed that Stanley & Stella has agreed to assist with investigating the case. FWF is preparing a further investigation of the situation and possibilities for appropriate responses.


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