Bangladesh Complaint Takko August 2013

Final report of complaint in Bangladesh at factory that supplies Takko – August 2013

On 28 August 2013 FWF received a complaint from a worker from a factory supplying Takko through the workers helpline. The complaint related to three labour standards: ‘no discrimination in employement’, ‘safe and healthy working conditions’ and ‘legally binding employment relationship’.

The complainant claimed she was fired unjustly. Fair Wear Foundation formed a team of three persons to investigate the issue of which the findings can be found in this document. When Takko Fashion tried to set up a meeting for the investigation team and the factory, it was informed that both the factory and the agent have decided to end business relationship on 31 October due to other business reasons. Therefore it was not possible to follow up or verify. FWF was informed by the son of the complainant that she had returned to her hometown and has not been able to contact her since.


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