Bangladesh Complaint Takko August 2014 (2)

Final Report of Complaint in Bangladesh at factory that supplies Takko

On 15 August FWF’s received a complaint through it’s local complaints handler from a worker, working for a factory supplying Takko. The complaint related to the labour standard ‘Legally binding employment relationship’ which is part of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices.

The complainant claimed that he was verbally abused and bullied by his supervisor. According to the complainant, he was forced to resign because he was over 50 years old and the factory did not want to pay him compensation. He felt that he would not find another job, thus he begged the management to hire him back. According to the factory the complainant slapped his supervisor during the month of July and stayed absent often after.

Since the case had been brought to court and a local union, FWF decided that it was not necessary to start an investigation and closed the case. FWF agreed to offer support when local union SGSF (Sommilito Garments Sramik Federation) needs further assistance.


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