Bangladesh Complaint Takko August 2014

Final report of complaint in Bangladesh at factory that supplies Takko – August 2014

On 10 August FWF received a complaint through it’s local complaints handler from a worker working for a factory supplying Takko. The complaint related to the labour condition ‘safe and healthy working conditions’, which is part of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices.

The complainants called FWF’s helpline and claimed that a worker was missing after a big argument with the production manager. Workers suspected that the management of the factory abducted him. After a few days the missing worker was found and looked healthy but was fired from the factory because of his absence. The missing person and his family were not allowed to discuss with anyone about the incidence. The police office refused to provide information to FWF. At this point, FWF is not able to verify the situation.

All workers went on silence strike the same day and demanded the management to release the missing worker. During the investigation process the factory filed a court case against 93 employees, who were believed to behave violently during the demonstration. The factory also blacklisted 13 workers and put their photos up in front of the factory. The 13 workers who were blacklisted said that the factory took their photos off the announcement, but their reputation was ruined. The management requested the court not to punish the 93 workers, who are now all working at other factories. All workers were bailed out and the case will automatically expire in one year if the workers are not involved in other cases.


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