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Bel & Bo Performance Check 2016

Bel & Bo Performance Check 2016

Bel&Bo’s first year of membership. Bel&Bo is in process of implementing FWFs management system requirements. Together with meeting the requirements for monitoring in low risk countries (9% of their 2015 volume) and external audits that meet FWF’s quality standards (27% of their 2015 volume), Bel&Bo comes to a monitoring threshold of 41%, which is above the required 40% monitoring threshold for members after their first year of membership.

Bel&Bo’s main production countries are Turkey, China, India and Bangladesh. The company has a relatively large number of suppliers, including both main suppliers and subcontractors. In the assessed financial year, Bel&Bo has put effort in consolidating its supplier base, to increase control of production locations and to decrease risks of labour violations.

Bel&Bo has systematically worked on collecting and assessing external audit reports, as well as following up on the ones that met most of FWF’s quality standards.

FWF very much encourages Bel&Bo’s effort to consolidate and identify production locations. FWF encourages Bel&Bo to continue this process and systemize using the evaluation of labour standards in decision making of consolidation.

Bel&Bo is recommended to motivate a selection of preferred suppliers and subcontractors to participate in WEP trainings.

Score: 48 Percentage under monitoring: 41% Category: Good

Read more on the FWF Bel & Bo page.


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