Bel-Confect Performance Check 2018

Bel-Confect has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Bel-Confect’s monitoring threshold is 79% which is beyond FWF’s secondyear
membership requirements. After being placed in the ‘Needs Improvement’ category last year, Bel-Confect hired a CSR advisor with experience with FWF
membership. The investment has paid off, as the total benchmarking score of 62 returns Bel-Confect to the ‘Good’ category.

With the help of this advisor, Bel-Confect has established new working processes for due diligence, data collection, audit sharing, CAP remediation,
monitoring and communications, all of which enable Bel-Confect to ensure that their social compliance is organised in a systematic way. As part of
remediation, Bel-Confect invested in the factory of one of their strategic partners in order to improve on several health and safety issues.

When it comes to corrective action, payments towards living wages and excessive overtime are still a challenge and need special attention in the coming
years. The brand made further progress on health and safety matters, with its signing of the Bangladesh Accord marking a major step. The requirements for
external productions and low risk countries deserve attention.

Benchmark score: 62, % of production under monitoring: 79%, Category: Good



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