Bestex Fabricage Performance Check 2018

In its fourth year of FWF membership, Bestex meets most of FWF’s performance requirements with a score of 54 and monitoring percentage of 100%. However, the company does make use of external production; i.e. Bestex sells clothing of other European brands, of which two are also FWF member brands. Bestex has a long-term and stable working relationship with its supplier, which lays the necessary foundation for improving working conditions. In 2017, remediation based on the audit report took place on a limited basis which was verified by a verification audit. Some issues were (partly) addressed, such as health and safety issues, but for other issues (e.g. payment of a living wage), no significant steps towards remediation were taken.

FWF encourages Bestex to continue its established system to monitor working conditions and take steps to remediate the issues raised by the audit. Followup related to living wage still needs to take place, and discussions on the relationship between price and wages need to be based on more information regarding cost breakdowns. FWF also strongly encourages Bestex to organise a WEP training session. Finally, there are several requirements on which Bestex needs to follow up. Some of the requirements were already identified in last year’s Performance Check. FWF also encourages Bestex to structurally include social compliance issues in discussions with potential new suppliers.

Benchmarking Score:54, % under Monitoring: 100, Category: Good



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