Bestex Fabricage Performance Check 2019

Bestex has shown insufficient progress in performance indicators. The brand’s total benchmarking score of 45 is below the required 50 points, therefore Bestex is placed in the ‘Needs Improvements’ category. It monitored 100% of its total purchasing volume, which is above the 80% required by members after three years of membership.

Bestex only works with one supplier, located in China, with which it has a long-term and stable working relationship. It has direct contact with the owner of its supplier and discusses social compliance during the bi-annual trade fair. In 2018, conversations about the follow up on the FWF audit took place. This resulted in the remediation of most of the audit findings in 2018, although this could not yet be verified by Bestex. Furthermore, Bestex discusses planning and order placements openly with its supplier, which is a good step towards establishing reasonable working hours at its supplier. Apart from their own production in China, Bestex sells clothing of other European brands. Two of these brands are also FWF members, accounting for 91% of the total volume of external brands sold by Bestex in 2018.

FWF requires Bestex to conduct due diligence at its supplier and implement a formal process to evaluate the risks of labour violations. A factory visit is highly recommended in this process. In order to verify the remediation of audit findings, Bestex must start collecting evidence on the remediated issues. It is also recommended to start documenting discussions on social compliance with the supplier. Moreover, Bestex is required to actively raise awareness about the FWF Code of Labour Practices and FWF complaints hotline at its supplier. FWF encourages Bestex to work more actively towards implementing a living wage at its supplier. The first step in this process is getting insight into the link between buying prices and wages through open costing. Then, Bestex should define a target wage together with its supplier and start implementing measures to close this gap.


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