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Bierbaum-Proenen Performance Check 2016

bierbaum-proenen Performance Check 2016

Bierbaum-Proenen (BP) meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond some of them. With 98% of production under monitoring, BP fulfills FWF’s monitoring threshold for affiliates after three years of membership.

BP has a strong sourcing system which is strongly integrated with its implementation of the code. The pricing practice provides the brand an insight on the labour cost per product. Long-term relationships with many suppliers, combined with often high degrees of leverage at the production sites and regular visits to production sites mean BP is in a good position to work on implementation of social standards.

BP has strong systems in place to reduce the risk of excessive overtime, however living wage issues remain a challenge. FWF encourages BP to start a pilot with some of its core suppliers to make steps towards a payment of a living wage in those factories.

Check the Bierbaum-Proenen FWF page, for the latest information.

FWF’s brand performance check system

Read more about the Brand Performance Checks in our Brand Performance Check Guide

The Brand Performance Check system is updated in regular intervals. If you have comments on the system or particular indicators, please send them to with the subject line “Feedback on Brand Performance Check system”.


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