Bierbaum-Proenen Performance Check 2018

Bierbaum-Proenen (BP) has shown advanced results on FWF’s performance indicators. With 99% of production under monitoring, BP fulfills FWF’s monitoring threshold for members that have been with FWF for more than three years. The company scored 82 on its benchmark score. Hence, FWF has awarded BP a leader rating.

BP has a robust sourcing system that is strongly integrated with its implementation of the FWF Code of Labour Practice. The pricing practice provides the brand valuable insights on the labour cost per product. Long-term relationships with many suppliers, combined with often high degrees of leverage at the production sites and regular visits to production sites, mean BP is in a good position to work on the implementation of social standards.

BP also has strong systems in place to reduce the risk of excessive overtime. Working towards living wages remains a challenge. As part of the FWF Living Wage Incubator, BP continued its pilot project in cooperation with one of its core factories to take steps towards payment of a living wage. FWF strongly encourages BP to continue these efforts.

More complaints usually mean greater awareness of labour standards on the work floor, which may be one of the reasons why BP received three complaints from workers at its factories in 2017. BP handled the complaints well on preventive steps to uncover root causes of problems and to prevent these problems from recurring.


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