Bizniz Confectie Performance Check 2015

Bizniz confectie performance check 2015

Bizniz meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond some of them. The purchasing practices of Bizniz enables the company to work effectively on improvements of working conditions. The company has strongly invested in stable business relationships for the past 20 years with its main suppliers in Poland, that produce exclusively for the company. This provides Bizniz a clear insight in to the production planning of the factories and allows the company to closely track all aspects of production. Given the close relationships and the fact that Bizniz staff is in the factories at least once a month, the status of working conditions is closely monitored.

Bizniz meets the requirements for monitoring suppliers in low risk countries. With the audits conducted by FWF at the two factories in Tunisia, the company reaches a monitoring threshold of 100% which is above the required threshold of 90% for affiliates who are in their third year of membership. Several
improvements have been realised after the audits in Tunisia. FWF recommends Bizniz to take further steps with regards to discussing wage levels at suppliers and concerning monitoring and training efforts in Tunisia.

FWF’s Brand Performance Check System

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