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blutsgeschwister Performance Check 2014

blutgeschwister performance check 2014

Blutsgeschwister is in the process of implementing FWF’s management system requirements. It has monitored 55% of its total purchasing volume, which is beyond the requirement of 40% in the 1st-year of membership. This is notable as this Brand Performance Check measures the efforts of Blutsgeschwister after having been FWF member only for half a year.

The brand has already begun to work with suppliers to develop a shared production planning system designed to decrease production planning problems and elated overtime. The brand has been providing advice from consultants to suppliers on ways to improve productivity and compliance with the FWF Code of Labour Practices.

Blutsgeschwister is encouraged to develop a pricing policy that allows the affiliate to know the labour cost of garments, and to assess the impact of its prices on living wages, and to include this information in discussions with suppliers. It is encouraged to further analyse and mitigate root causes of excessive
overtime and to further develop the social component of its supplier rating and reward system.

Read more about blutsgeschwister on its FWF page.

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Read more about the Brand Performance Checks in our Q & A document.

For more detailed information, the Brand Performance Check Guide 2014 is available for download (also in 2-sided printable booklet).


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