blutsgeschwister Performance Check 2015

Blutsgeschwister Performance Check 2015

Blutsgeschwister meets most of FWFs management system requirements to implement the Code of Labour Practices and goes beyond. It has monitored 86% of its total purchasing volume, which is beyond the requirement of 60% in the 2nd year of membership and scored relatively high on indicators in the BrandPerformance Check. This is notable as this Brand Performance Check measures the efforts of Blutsgeschwister after having been FWF member only for one and a half year.

Blutsgeschwister supported suppliers in China project-wise with consultant advice on how to improve their management systems, productivity and compliance with the FWF Code of Labour Practices (CoLP). The main suppliers in China participated also in the Workplace Education Program to raise
awareness on the FWF CoLP of both workers and management. FWF advises Blutsgeschwister to expand these special efforts to other suppliers in other countries.

In 2014 Blutsgeschwister continued improving its planning and production process with a shared forecasting system with suppliers. Blutsgeschwister extended several lead times, limited the amount of colors per style, and changed the decision-making process on collections (so no changes will take place
from sampling on). These changes are meant to decrease production planning problems and related overtime. FWF recommends Blutsgeschwister in the future to evaluate the impact of these revisions on excessive overtime.

FWF encourages Blutsgeschwister to further develop a pricing policy where the affiliate knows the labour cost of garments, to assess the impact of its prices on living wages and include this in price discussions with suppliers. It is encouraged to do further analysis on the root causes of excessive overtime also at supplier level and mitigate them. At the same time FWF advises Blutsgeschwister to further develop procedures on other risks characteristic to its supply chain, recognizing the start made to address risks around outsourcing.

Find out more about the brand on the blutsgeschwister FWF page.

FWF’s Brand Performance Check System

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