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Blutsgeschwister Performance Check 2017

Blutsgeschwister has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. The company monitored 94% of its supply chain through FWF audits or by buying from low-risk countries, meeting the threshold for third-year members. While Blutsgeschwister did not fulfil all monitoring requirements for tail-end production locations, its overall performance amounts to a benchmarking score of 81 points, resulting in leadership status. Blutsgeschwister´s sourcing strategy, which is to work with a consolidated supply chain and long-term partners, allows the company to make progress in improving working conditions.

Since the brand became a member, Blutsgeschwister has implemented significant and systemic changes to its design process and production planning, with the goal of supporting reasonable working hours. One FWF audit confirmed relevant improvements regarding excessive overtime hours at the supplier level. However, challenges remain when it comes to increasing transparency in order to develop a pricing policy for which the member knows the labour cost of garments, and assessing the impact of its prices on living wages and including this in price discussions with suppliers. This is particularly crucial considering that one audit in 2016 confirmed that some workers were being paid less than legal minimum wage. Blutsgeschwister improved significantly on subcontractor monitoring during its last financial year. All subcontractors, including printing and embroidery, are now included in the database, and Blutsgeschwister has visited most sites. The next obstacle is to find out the FOB value produced at subcontracted locations. 67% of Blutsgeschwister’s production was produced at suppliers that participated in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme, which informs workers and management about labour rights and grievance mechanisms.

Benchmarking score: 81, % under monitoring: 94, Category: leader


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