FWF Brand Performance Check Companion 2016

Companion to the 2016 edition of the Brand Performance Check Guide

In October 2015, FWF launched the 2016 edition of its Brand Performance Check Guide. The guide is the touchstone of FWF’s brand performance check system, through which FWF members receive clear and effective guidance and feedback in their efforts to improve workplace conditions. This system incentivises improvements via evaluation and scoring, which FWF publishes annually.

FWF developed this new Brand Performance Check Guide based on the experience of members using the indicators included in the previous version, as well as extensive consultation with FWF stakeholders and FWF’s Board and Committee of Experts. The resulting new guide represents an important step for FWF members – offering improved indicators that capture members’ innovation and hard work to improve workplace conditions. It also presents improved thresholds and benchmarking to ensure fair and reliable evaluation.



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