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Buttonboss BV Performance Check 2012

Buttonboss Performance Check 2012

Buttonboss is in process of implementing FWFs management system requirements.

The sourcing practices of Buttonboss generally support the implementation of the FWF Code of Labour Practices. The company produces its caps at a limited number of suppliers and aims to establish long term relationships with its suppliers. According to Buttonboss, consolidation of its supply base has been an important part of the company’s sourcing strategy. In 2011, Buttonboss placed orders at five production sites in China.

The percentage of Buttonboss’ purchasing volume that has been audited corresponds to the required percentage of 90% based on the duration of FWF membership. During 2011 and 2012, Buttonboss has audited all suppliers by making use FWF audit teams, representing 100% of its 2011 purchasing volume. At two of its suppliers, Buttonboss has collected existing reports of previous audits.

Buttonboss has systems in place to ease production pressure on suppliers. The company works with standard lead times and delivery times are set in cooperation with the supplier. Weekly status reports give both Buttonboss and the factory insight in the production process.

The four audits that were carried out at suppliers of Buttonboss in China in 2012 indicated that overtime work was not paid according to local requirements, and that excessive overtime was found up to 64 hours per week. In addition, the audits showed the CoLP was not posted in the factory. Buttonboss has not checked during the visit whether the CoLP was posted in the workplace at a location accessible to workers.

Based on the information received, FWF was not able to verify whether percentages in the supplier register are accurate. Information regarding the percentages that indicate the leverage Buttonboss has as a customer is missing from the supplier register that was submitted to FWF.

Buttonboss informs the public about its FWF membership through the company’s website and catalogue. In addition, Buttonboss makes use of on product hangtags and uses FWF membership is sales meetings with potential customers. The annual social report of 2011 has been received in time. However, Buttonboss has not placed it on its corporate website.

Read more about Buttonboss on its FWF page.


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