China Complaint Acne Studios June 2014


On 20 June FWF received a complaint from a worker working for a factory supplying Acne Studios. The complaint related to the labour standard ‘Reasonable hours of work’ which is part of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices.

The plaintiff indicates the hours are too excessive to enjoy life after work. The factory was open and transparent in their reply, confirming they had to ask workers to work overtime in case of tight deliveries and require workers to stay the night shift until 22:00. They wish to avoid this and agreed to reduce the working hours to a limit of 60 hours per week. In cooperation with the affiliate and where possible other clients, the factory must implement a plan to reduce excessive overtime. An audit to verify improvements is scheduled for the end of 2015. The factory will participate in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme in May 2015.


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