China Complaint Acne Studios, Jack Wolfskin, Kjus, Odlo, Schoeffel and Vaude March 2015

final REPORT COMPLAINT IN china AT FACTORY SUPPLYING Acne Studios, Jack Wolfskin, Kjus, Odlo, Schoeffel and Vaude

On 25 March 2015 FWF received a complaint through it’s local complaints handler in China from a worker working for a factory supplying the above brands. The complaint related to the following labour standards, part of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices: ‘Employment is freely chosen’, ‘Reasonable hours of work’, ‘Payment of a living wage’

The complainants reported that workers were forced to do excessive overtime hours in case of tight delivery and that these hours of overtime weren’t paid at all. Moreover, the complainant indicated workers are coached to give favourable answer to the audit team’s question during the interview process.

FWF informed the four affiliates about the case and requested the affiliates to contact the supplier and ask for a reply. FWF analysed the most recent audit that took place at this supplier in March 2014. The audit did not conclude excessive overtime for the packing department.

However, the complainants provided further details about their woking hours. The factory confirmed they cannot prevent overtime during peak season, particularly given the tight deadlines required by their clients. The factory argued that overtime is always voluntary, meets government requirements and is paid in compliance with government requirements. Complainants said they worked extra hours without recording them, so they are not checked and monitoring.

FWF recommended a root cause analysis of excessive overtime and discussing with the factory how production planning can take pressure off the factory. However, the six FWF members have leverage of less than 6% at the factory. In the Corrective Action plan for a verification audit from November 2015, it was also stated that the Factory must adopt a system where all working hours are recorded and monitored via punchcards.


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