China Complaint Hessnatur and Triaz March 2013

Intermediate REPORT COMPLAINT IN China AT FACTORY SUPPLYING Hessnatur and Triaz

On 27 March 2013 a complaint was received by FWF through its local complaints handler in China, filed by a worker of a factory supplying Hessnatur and Triaz. The complaint was related to FWF’s labour standards ‘reasonable hours of work’.

In both March and April FWF received a complaint from a worker about forced excessive overtime. Factory management admitted to overtime due to the fact that the factory had to catch up with production tasks because of the 9 day-off period after Chinese New Year. After considering all findings, FWF concluded excessive overtime took place in the factory. The case indicates there is no efficient production planning that can manage regular reasonable working hoursFWF suggested that the factory would benefit from a training on dispute handling in the workplace and recommended a WEP training at the supplier, which then took place on 10 July 2013. Despite several attempts, FWF has not been able to get in touch with the plaintiff again to receive an update after the WEP training was conducted.


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