China Complaint Jack Wolfskin, Vaude, Schoeffel and Haglöfs March 2014

intermediate REPORT OF COMPLAINT IN china AT FACTORY THAT SUPPLIES Jack Wolfskin, Vaude, Schoeffel and HaglöFs

On 1 April 2014 FWF’s complaint handler in China received a complaint from a worker from a factory supplying above brands. The case is related to the following labour standard of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices: ‘Legally binding employment relationship’.

A packaging worker informed FWF she was diagnosed with lung cancer and is now receiving medical treatment in her home town but complains that her employer did not buy her social security from the start of her employment. Without this the worker is not able to reimburse the medical treatment fee from the local government. The worker is now requesting the factory to cover all medical treatment fees for her as well as a compensation for her 12 months’ loss of salary.

FWF informed the affiliates about the case. The affiliates immediately contacted the supplier and asked for a reply. Factory management stated they were aware of the case and forwarded documents of agreement with the former worker who was diagnosed with lung cancer. The written agreement showed the management was to pay a lump sum of 35000 RMB. Eventhough the case was already negotiated through local arbitration, the worker wanted to ensure the lump sum was a satisfying agreements verified by FWF. The lump sum of 35000 RMB will be paid to the plaintiff. As per the agreement the amount would be transferred by the end of May 2014. Half June 2014, the plaintiff had not yet received the transfer. The plaintiff will contact FWF once the payment if confirmed.







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