China Complaint Kjus January 2013


On 25 January 2013 FWF’s complaints handler in China received a complaint from a worker from a factory supplying Kjus (LK International AG). The complaint related to the FWF’s labour standard ‘Legally Binding Employment Relationship’.

The worker informed the local complaints handler that the factory was prohibiting her to resign from the factory per 31 January 2013, despite earlier agreements that were made. The worker needed to leave the factory earlier, due to arragements to visit family for Chinese New Year. Because of time pressure in this case, FWF immediately asked the affiliate  LK International AG to contact the supplier and to find a solution acceptable for both management and the worker. When the FWF complaints handler checked the outcome with the worker, he was informed that she had reached an agreement with factory management.

As a result of the rapid and effective action of LK International AG and the willingness of the supplier to facilitate a solution the case could be settled without a detailed investigation.


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