China Complaint KJus October 2013


On 25 September 2013 FWF received a complaint related to the standard ‘reasonable hours of work’ from a worker, working for a factory supplying LK International AG.

The worker informed FWF’s complaints handler that she expected that workers were not allowed off during the upcoming national holidays due to a thight delivery. At the time of the complaint, the violation did not yet occur but FWF decided to contact LK International AG in order to seize the opportunity and see if the affiliate could avoid the violation from happening. At the time no production was being done for LK International and they could not make any delivery extensions in order to influance the situation.

When checking after the holidays, the supplier confirmed that workers had to work on one of the three days of holiday. For monitoring purposes, the complaint has been included in the Corrective Action Plan of the audit that was conducted in the beginning of September. LK International will further work on remediation of the Corrective Action Plan. In this specific case the plaintiff was paid correctly for working during the holiday.


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