China Complaint Mammut October 2013


On 26 November and 16 December 2013 FWF’s complaints handler in China received a complaints report from a worker working in a factory supplying Mammut. The complaints related to the following standards of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices: ‘Employment is freely chosen’ and ‘reasonable hours of work’

Two workers informed FWF that the factory limits workers to resign from the factory. According to the plaintiff, workers lose their last month’ salary if they do leave the factory. Also, workers have to work excessive overtime when they cannot complete production quota.

One of two plaintiffs was willing to disclose his identity, Mammut was able to resolve his case in cooperation with the supplier. Mammut is expected to analyze and set up a plan to reduce excessive overtime. FWF encourages Mammut to schedule another audit in March 2014 to verify the above.


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