China Complaint Outdoor Sports March 2014


On March 19 FWF’s local complaints hander in China received a complaint from a worker working for a factory supplying Outdoor & Sport. The case is related to the labour standards ‘Employment is freely chosen’ and ‘Payment of a living wage’ which are part of FWF’s Code of Labour Practices.

Three issues were raised by the plaintiff regarding the permission of temporary leave, the monthly salary and retroactive return the previous deductions. Regarding the wage level, it became clear the worker is not aware of how his wage is calculated; given that he was under the impression his salary was a fixed rate. The plaintiff resigned from the factory without 30 days’ notice and with this he gave away his rights, which he accepted. Regardless of what other allowances or benefits the factory provides, the deduction is still illegal and should therefore be reimbursed. Outdoor & Sports has been able to agree with the supplier that the factory reimburses this deduction.

FWF’s complaints handler spoke with workers of the factory who stated that deduction policy was ceased but the previous deductions were not yet reimbursed to workers. The deduction will be paid in parts and fully paid by the end of 2014. Outdoor & Sports has scheduled another meeting for October this year where this topic will be on the agenda.




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