China Complaint Salewa December 2016

Final report of a complaint at a factory  in China that supplies Salewa – December 2016

On 6 December 2016, Fair Wear Foundation received a complaint from a worker at a factory in China that supplies FWF member Salewa. According to the complainant, he asked for personal leave from 24 -28 November for personal affairs. Factory management refused his leave application, but the complainant did take the leave. After he returned to work, factory management informed him he was fired due to absenteeism without permission. During the complainant’s leave, the factory hired a temporary worker and requested the complainant to pay his replacement from his wages. The complainant also says he is owed outstanding wages from September through November.

FWF informed Salewa about the case and Salewa contacted the supplier about it. The complainant has supposedly made an agreement with the management and is still working in the factory. In February, the factory sent pay slips showing that they have paid the complainant his outstanding wages. Unfortunately, despite several efforts, the FWF complaint handler could not connect with the complainant to verify this.

FWF advises Salewa to talk with their supplier about devising a fair resignation and dismissal policy and communicating this to all workers.


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