China Complaint Vaude December 2015

Final report of a complaint in China at a factory supplying VAUDE

In August 2015, a worker of a factory supplying FWF member VAUDE filed a complaint concerning his contractual position. When returning to the factory after a period of (approved) leave, his position had been changed without his consent. During the investigation, which was launched immediately by FWF and VAUDE, the complainant was fired on the grounds that his complaint to FWF had caused damage to the supplier’s reputation. He did not receive severance pay – though he had been working at the factory for 10 years. The factory claims the worker was dismissed for violating company rules, but the worker denies receiving any warning or notification to that effect.

In the course of the investigation, the case was put to the labour department and FWF decided to wait for the outcome of that process before deciding on the complaint. The complainant confirmed the local aritration committee did not support his appeals.

VAUDE and its supplier are required to improve the policy for dismissing workers as well as organise training to improve internal communications. VAUDE should ensure there is no retaliation for workers filing a complaint through FWF’s complaints hotline, or the labour department.


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