China Complaint Vaude May 2016

Final report of complaint in Bangladesh at factory supplying Vaude – May 2016

A worker representative currently employed by the factory contacted FWF because workers heard that the factory management was planning on relocating the factory but had not been informed about any changes. Workers feared that, if the factory relocated around the Chinese New Year, they would be unable to find the factory again and would not receive their compensation. Vaude contacted the factory, which confirmed that there were plans to move the factory. Factory management proceeded to inform the workers of the move once the new location had been confirmed, and with a month of notice. This complies with legal requirements. Since the relocation was within the same city, factory management did not have to pay compensation.

No remediation was needed because the workers have been informed about the relocation plans. FWF advised Vaude to enroll the factory a second time in a Workplace Education Programme training, to enhance dialogue between workers and management.


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