Claudia Sträter Performance Check 2017

Claudia Sträter Performance Check 2017

Claudia Sträter has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Its monitoring threshold of 64% is a big improvement compared to last year. An important next step is to ensure that audits also occur at all production locations where more than 2% of production takes place, or where the company has over 10% leverage. The monitoring percentage, combined with a benchmark score of 63, means that FWF has awarded Claudia Sträter the ‘Good’ rating.

As of 2017, Claudia Sträter shifted its financial year, which means that this brand performance check covers the months April through December 2016. During these nine months, Claudia Sträter was able to consolidate its supply base, focusing on production locations where it had produced for over five years, as well as ones where it had high or increased leverage. In addition, it improved its monitoring of production locations in low-risk countries and communication with agents.

Claudia Sträter is part of FNG group, which includes multiple FWF members. For 2017, the group plans to hire local staff in Turkey, India and China to support monitoring of production locations, perform active due diligence and risk analyses, and actively follow up on FWF audits and complaints.

This will be helpful for Claudia Sträter, as the company still needs to take additional action to improve its due diligence process and risk analysis, as well as analyse its effects on excessive overtime at production locations and continue its efforts to remediate audit findings.


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