China Complaint Expresso and Mayerline May 2016

Final report of complaint in China at factoy that supplies Expresso and Mayerline

A 58 year-old complainant claimed he was forced to quit without receiving proper severance. He was given his last due wage and informed he could no longer work because of old age. According to the factory, retirement age for male workers is 55. A month later, the complainant went back to the factory and was given 3 months of wages as compensation. The complainant considers this to be insufficient, as he had worked for the factory for 15 years. The legal retirement age in China is 60.

Further complicating the issue, in that period of time the factory relocated. From the factory’s records it seemed that it did not acknowledge the complainant’s service for the first 7 years. FWF suggested mediation, but the complainant declined as it would mean travelling back and forth between his hometown and the factory. FWF’s country representative investigated the case further by visiting factory management. While payments had been made to the complainant they were lower than the amount the complainant was entitled to. The complainant received the difference.

Another issue was the fact that documentation was often not kept, or it was not given to the workers. FWF strongly encourages the members to make sure all workers of the factory receive a copy of their contract and wage slips.


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