China Complaint SuitSupply January 2016

Final report of complaint in China at a factory supplying FWF member Suit Supply – January 2016

This is the report of a Complaint in China at a factory supplying Suit Supply in January 2016. It involves FWF’s Labour Standard of a legally binding employment relationship.

A worker who has worked at the cutting section of the factory for two years, claimed that the general manager requested her to do a different type of work. The new work was more complicated, and the factory allegedly wouldn’t pay more for it. The complainant says the general manager decided to terminate the complainant, because of her dissatisfaction, by asking her to prepare a resignation letter or her wages would not be paid. The complainant said that she did not want to end her employment with her factory but that if no other option is available she wants to receive severance pay.

Upon further investigation, factory management alleged that the complainant had made mistakes in the work floor, and that she was fired due to those mistakes. However, at the time of the alleged mistake, the complainant was not informed of this situation. The local office of Suit Supply visited the factory. During this visit, management agreed to pay the complainant severance pay. Later, FWF’s complaints handler was informed that the severance payment would not go through.

Normally FWF would propose a remediation meeting, but because the cost of remediation would be higher than the cost of the severance pay and in light of the complainant possibly not returning to this specific factory after Chinese New Year, it was suggested to Suit Supply that they negotiate with the factory so the management pay severance to the complainant. Suit Supply offered to pay severance to the worker directly, and this was carried out.


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