Continental Clothing Company Performance Check 2018

Continental Clothing Ltd. (Continental) has met most of FWFs’ performance requirements. Continental has a relatively small number of suppliers. It sources from five production locations in India, China, Bangladesh and Turkey. High leverage and long-term relationships with suppliers give the company a strong basis for effectively improving working conditions. This brings Continental monitoring percentage to 100%. This, in addition to a benchmarking score of 80, places Continental in the Leader category.

Continental Clothing has a very consolidated supply chain which enables the company to closely cooperate with its suppliers in terms of production planning and CAP follow-up. The fact that the company was able to cooperate in a living wage project at one of their production locations also shows the level of trust it has with its suppliers.

Continental is a small company, with limited staff. This means that not everything that is done in relation to FWF membership is documented and secured in policies and procedures. In order to improve the level of accountability of the company FWF recommends that more processes and policies are documented.

Benchmark score: 80
Status: Leader


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