Continental Clothing Performance Check 2014

Continental clothing performance check 2014

Continental Clothing Company (hereafter Continental) meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. It has monitored 91% of its total purchasing volume, meeting FWF’s threshold of 90% for being a member of over 3 years.

Continental has a relatively small number of suppliers. It has frequent contact with suppliers to discuss social compliance issues, and actively involves them in FWF’s activities. Three out of five suppliers have participated in the Workplace Education Programme, a set of factory trainings offered by FWF to improve social compliance and communication between employers and employees.

In 2014, Continental is encouraged to conduct root cause analyses of excessive overtime at its suppliers. It is also expected to take steps to support living wages at its suppliers.

Visit Continental Clothing’s FWF page for more information.

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For more detailed information, the Brand Performance Check Guide 2014 is available for download (also in 2-sided printable booklet).


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