Continental Clothing Performance Check 2017

Continental Clothing Performance Check 2017

Continental Clothing Ltd. (Continental) has shown shown progress and met most of FWFs’ performance requirements. Continental has a relatively small number of suppliers. It sources from five suppliers in India, China, Bangladesh and Turkey. High leverage and long-term relationships with suppliers give the company a strong basis for effectively improving working conditions. During the previous financial year, Continental managed to convince its supplier in China, which hitherto was uncooperative, to be audited by FWF and follow-up the corrective actions. This brings Continental monitoring percentage to 100%. This, in addition to a benchmarking score of 80, places Continental
in the Leader category.

Continental is implementing a living wage project at its main supplier in India for which it has won the FWF 2016 Best Practice Award. Continental is piloting the approach with 2 so called ‘fair-share’ collections, accounting for 5-10 % of the factory’s production capacity. When the pilot is successful, Continental plans to expand the living wage project to a higher percentage of the factory’s production capacity, which would allow the factory to make further steps
towards improving wages for workers in dyeing and spinning facilities.

Continental systematically works towards resolution of corrective actions with all of its suppliers. After audits, remediation steps were taken and follow up is closely monitored. However, at its supplier in China the worker information sheet was still not posted during 2016. FWF expects Continental to effectively address this during 2017. In addition, FWF expects Continental to enroll more suppliers in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme. Finally, Continental is
expected to engage in more transparency, e.g. by posting the most recent social report and brand performance check report on its website.

To know more about the brand, please go to Continental Clothing’s FWF page.


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