De Berkel Performance Check 2017

De Berkel Performance Check 2017

De Berkel meets most of FWFs management requirements. Its benchmarking score is 64 and its monitoring percentage is 100% of the total production volume, which is a big improvement on last year.

De Berkel sources mainly from Moldova and Ukraine where it has been in business for more than ten years and also own a number of factories. At each of its suppliers, De Berkel buys more than 10% of the production capacity and production volume is above 2% of its total FOB. This means leverage in each of the factories is high and De Berkel is able ensure workers are paid at least legal minimum wage and that there is no excessive overtime.

In 2016 De Berkel made changes to its internal systems for monitoring and remediation, and have consequently improved upon indicators related to information management and evaluation of FWF membership. In addition the company worked on improving communication with its suppliers, including collecting signed questionnaires from all suppliers and external producers.

In 2017, De Berkel should focus on implementing a more systematic approach for human rights due diligence, initiating conversations with suppliers about living wages and identifying and addressing high risk issues that are specific to its sourcing practices. If possible De Berkel should begin to involve their mother company in FWF activities.

Score: 64 Percentage under monitoring: 100% Category: Good


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