Deuter Performance Check 2016

Deuter Performance Check 2016

Deuter meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several of them. Deuter has 97% of its supply chain under monitoring, meeting the 90+% threshold required for members after their third year of membership.

Deuter has stable, long-term relationships with all its suppliers as well as significant leverage, which allows them to work effectively on improving working conditions.

While continuous efforts are still needed, the company has strong systems in place to prevent and remediate excessive overtime.
During Deuter’s last financial year, all three Vietnamese main production locations participated in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme.

FWF encourages Deuter to continue efforts to ensure constructive worker-management dialogue at all production locations.
Deuter also participated in a research project in Vietnam by the Global Living Wage Coalition. Based on the results, which will be available in 2017, Deuter is encouraged to implement steps to increase wage levels.


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