DW-Shop Performance Check 2017


In 2017, DW Shop has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. It monitored 85% of its purchasing volume, meeting the required monitoring threshold. This, combined with a score of 57 places DW Shop in the Good category. A significant part of DW Shop’s production comes from homeworker suppliers. DW Shop has followed the monitoring policy regarding homeworkers adopted by FWF. DW Shop enrolled more suppliers for WEP trainings which is a positive thing to raise workers awareness about their rights and the FWF helpline. DW Shop has had long-term relationships with many suppliers, or has purchased over 10% of a supplier’s production for over half of its suppliers, but the company still has many small suppliers where it buys small quantities.

FWF advises the company to work on consolidating its suppliers base and conduct better due diligence before starting to work with new factories. Most audits conducted in the past financial years have shown severe non-compliance with FWF’s labour standards, and DW Shop’s progress towards resolving existing Corrective Action Plans is insufficient and requires improvement. The company needs to emphasise work towards payment of a living wage and improve follow-up on remediation of payment of the legal minimum wage. Besides, a root cause analysis of excessive overtime should be done to investigate which steps can be most effective to reduce it. Special attention should be given to piloting advanced work with those factories from which DW Shop buys a large percentage of its production volume.


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