Epona Performance Check 2016

Epona is in process of implementing FWF’s management system requirements. During the first year of membership Epona has informed all suppliers about the Code of Labour Practices and ensured the questionnaires were signed and returned. During meetings and visits with suppliers each labour standard is discussed and explained with the factory owners/managers. Thanks to its small supplier base, Epona has managed to monitor 100% of its suppliers and therefore meets the threshold of 40% for first year members.
Epona’s sourcing practices generally support implementation of the Code of Labour Practices. The company has a small supplier base with a long term relation to its main supplier, accounting for 88% of the company’s 2015 purchasing volume. However, Epona’s rather small leverage – 12% of its production volume comes from suppliers where Epona buys at least 10% of the production capacity – makes it challenging to effectively request improvements of working conditions. Epona has followed-up on corrective actions of existing audit reports of other clients in the factories in Bangladesh and India.
FWF recommends Epona to increase leverage at its main supplier(s) to effectively request improvements of working conditions.
Further steps can be taken by gaining more insight into establishing a solid production planning system on the production capacity of the factory for regular working hours.

Score: 54 Percentage under monitoring: 100% Category: Good


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