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Expresso Performance Check 2014

Expresso Performance Check 2014

Expresso is in the process of implementing FWF’s management system requirements. This report covers the period of January 2013 to March 2014. Expresso is experiencing a major change in the company due to the take-over of the FNG group in 2013. As the company tried to deal with the change, it has monitored 79% of it total production volume in this reporting period, which is lower than the monitoring threshold of being a member for over 3 years.

Expresso continued to work with most existing suppliers and did not significantly change its sourcing practices. It demonstrated efforts to audit factories with FWF local audit team and follow up on the corrective action plans. It also had involved suppliers to join FWF’s workplace education programme.
Considering the situation mentioned above, FWF decided that Expresso’s performance should be in the “good” category according to FWF’s performance check guide.

Expresso is expected to audit at least 90% in the next reporting period. Expresso is recommended to make more efforts in identifying the root causes of excessive overtime at some suppliers and support suppliers to gradually increase wage level towards living wage benchmarks.

Read more about Expresso on its FWF page.


Read more about the Brand Performance Checks in our Q & A document.

For more detailed information, the Brand Performance Check Guide 2014 is available for download (also in 2-sided printable booklet).

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